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    25 years of 'corporate' experience

    We understand and address urgent and important travel requests of corporates who require personalized attention 24 x 7


    One Stop Shop for all travel services

    We provide all worldwide travel and travel related services to leisure travellers... budget or luxury.

  •  A key component of the 901 travel strategy is to make travellers experience the comfort of taking services of a 'professional travel agent' and experience the joy of always being attended to, by a human voice"

    Vikram Chopra,
    Director, 901 Reservations LLP
  • service strategy

    "how can I help you?"

    We are guided by basic fundamentals. You may call it our strategy.
    Experience counts

    With 25 years of corporate travel expertise, we are equipped with all the skills and expertise to understand every need of a corporate traveller.

    Personalized attention, 24/7

    We are not transactional. When you take our services, we ensure you receive 'after-sale' services and personalised attention as well.

    Relationship matters

    People do business with people. And they love doing business with people they like. Its as simple. We follow the same philosophy and work closely with our customers. This is why our customers keep referring us their friends and family.

    Service Portfolio

    We are today a 'one-stop-shop' solution for all travel and travel related services. Our services include Flights, Hotels, Cruise, Packages, Conferences, Visa, Travel Insurance, Foreign Exchange, Eurail and Cabs. You don't really have to deal with different agencies for different services.


    Everyone wants a great deal, but people never settle for 'cheap' things in life. Price is important, so is service. We understand it very well.

    Think about it

    - a 200-seater airplane sometimes have up to 200 different price points on the same flight !

    - a 500-room hotel may sell to 500 different guests at 500 different pricing!

    So what's the right price?

    No one really know !

    Don't get lost in this maze of pricing. Relax. We are very competitive in today's transparent 'online' world. We don't cut corners and have no hidden charges.

air travel

Searching flights?

Today, airline prices are visible to everyone. But, if there are 200 seats on an aircraft, chances are there are 200 different prices!

So what's the right price? No one really knows!

In search of the 'right price' people get lost in the maze of online portals, and waste precious business time.

We are highly competitive. When you purchase a ticket, you purchase our world class 'after-sale' services as well.

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worldwide hotels

Looking for accommodation?

901 Reservations offers worldwide hotel bookings. We cater to a wide range of travel requirements

  • Luxury Hotels
  • Budget Hotels
  • Apartment stays
  • Non Star category accommodation

Suite or Normal room, with or without meals...

call us for your next hotel reservation

leisure packages

Looking for vacation?

901 offers vacation packages in India and worldwide. We tailor make packages as per 'your' specific requirements. You get what 'you' want.


  • Your Date
  • Your Flight at your timeline
  • Your Hotel Choice
  • Your Sightseeing conveniences
  • Your Transfer requirements
  • Your Budget
  • Visa & Insurance services

Work Hard. Play Hard. You deserve a break.


You know why?

Cruising gives you the freedom and choice to say "why not" to countless new on-board experiences. If you can imagine it-or climb it, ice skate it, golf it, or swim to it-you can find it here.

Add to that, hundreds of ports and destinations with incredible adventures waiting for you in every part of the world.

When you think about it, a cruise has so much variety it's like several vacations in one.

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visa and passport

Last minute VISA assistance?

No worries !

901 Travel provides passport and visa assistance at New Delhi, India.

So whether it's a new passport application or a renewal, Whether its a question about the paperwork requirement of a particular embassy or submission of a visa application…

we are just a call away

travel insurance

It's mandatory

Every foreign travel requires a travel insurance. And it is your source of safety, security and peace of mind in a foreign land.

901 Reservations LLP has tie up with TATA AIG Insurance in India.

buy your policy and be secure

foreign exchange


We help our customers secure Authorised Foreign Exchange for their foreign travel requirements.

We follow the Government of India guidelines and the rules set by the Reserve Bank of India.

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car rental

Travelling to a new city?

We provide car rental services in select cities across the world, an of-course across India

Our chauffers are well mannered and our fleet is clean and maintained.

Try us. Call 901 for your next trip to The Taj Mahal and see the difference.

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Special events?

  • Meetings
  • Incentive Travel
  • Conferences
  • Events

We do it all !

901 has a specialized team dedicated to planning, booking and facilitating conferences, seminars, and other events.

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