We are a travel company

901 Reservations LLP or as our customers like to call us '901 ' is incorporated in India as a Limited Liability Partnership company

Established as 901 Reservations LLP, it is the flagship company of the 901 Travel Group and manages the worldwide travel and travel related services for its valued corporate customers.

901 Reservations LLP, in addition to being the flagship company in managing 901 Travel Group, manages two major portfolios. 1. Corporate and Business travel services, which includes Worldwide Flight Ticketing. 2. Leisure travel, Conferences and other travel related services, managed through its' leisure vertical, which provides worldwide hotels, vacation packages, cruise, foreign exchange, travel insurance, VISA assistance and car rentals.

Operating out of New Delhi, India, 901 Reservations LLP is an experienced and trusted travel service provider with a focus on creating long-term value. Top fortune companies, embassies, business houses, professionals, celebrities, VIPs and individuals rely on 901 to achieve their corporate travel objectives and have a great personal experience at the same time.

The purpose of 901 is both, to grow its travel business portfolios and to deliver personalised travel services to its valued customers, making their travel hassle free every time.



How we do business

We are guided by a set of values that define the way we work. It is important that all our service verticals must demonstrate the willingness, ability and resolve to meet the high standards of our principles that reinforces our unique culture of long term thinking, purpose and value.


    • Our services make a significant impact on the way people travel;
    • We deliver the highest standards of travel services
    • We enhance our service portfolio by adding new services at all times;
    • We create a great work environment and aspire to be amongst the best places to work;
    • We deliver a healthy and competitive performance;
    • Companies in the 901 Travel Group commit to:
    • Follow the rules;
    • Learn and grow our core business;
    • Corporate Social Responsibility
    • Value-based management;
    • Open and honest environment with all stakeholders;

    • We believe in relationship.
    • We act with long term vision.
    • We try to do the right thing in the right way.
    • We accept our mistakes.
    • We maintain our honesty.
    • We refer to and emphasise our values.

    • We promote a culture of high standards.
    • We maintain a friendly and informal work culture.
    • We recognise team work.
    • We listen and value the importance of feedback.
    • We reward and recognise good work.

    • We aim for long-term business relationships.
    • We go beyond transactional dealings.
    • We respect our customers and maintain mutual trust.
    • We maintain strict confidentiality.
    • We follow the rules and avoid short-cuts.
    • We learn from our mistakes.
    • We apply best practices.

    • We follow our Charter.
    • We make better business decisions through our travel domain expertise.
    • We act in the best interest of our customers.


In 2013, the idea of '901' was born.

Ever wonder why we call ourselves 901? There's an interesting story behind that. During our pre formation days, when all the names proposed by us to the registrar of companies was rejected, we proposed 901 taking inspiration from the date '9th of January', when we had initially decided to float our travel company.

Five years later, our customers love to call us 901

  1. '901' founded by Vikram Chopra

  2. Flight booking introduced

  3. Vishal joins the '901'

  4. Commenced worldwide hotel reservations

  5. 901 Leisure vertical takes shape

  6. Start of the 'leisure' division

  7. Website launched



Every customer is important to us

We cater to every customer and every need of a customer.

We do not differentiate amongst our customers, whether they want a complete package or just assistance on travel insurance. And it's not a secret, ours customers love us as well

Our client portfolio is wide and varied. Have a look…

'Drop in the Ocean' is about 901 Reservation's Corporate Social Responsibility initiative to demonstrate our humanity whilst doing our bit for the society, the environment and our stakeholders.

Our world, the people and organisations in it are becoming ever more interconnected and 901 Reservation's 'drop in the ocean' is an initiative to actively manage these connections to benefit us as well as the people, organisations and communities we are connected to via what we sell, who we hire, who we buy from and so on.

In addition to being Environmentally friendly and Ethical , 901 Reservation's Philanthropic Corporate Social Responsibility includes participating in local projects and supporting underprivileged local communities through multiple charities.

After all, a drop in the ocean ultimately becomes the ocean in that drop…

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